Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dialogue Between Two Boys About Approaching Examination

Sheri: Curse these examinations! How i wish i could avoid sitting for examination on monday next!
Saeed: Why are you in such a temper, about it? I suppose it's because you are not ready for it.
Sheri: Of course not. How could you expect me to be, with so many matches to play and pictures to see?
Saeed: That explains why you are so hard on examinations. I don't mind examinations. I rather like them.
Sheri: You always did. You are such a clever fellow, and these examinations help you to win prizes and scholarships.
Saeed: Let us avoid talking of ourselves. But tell me what it is that you have not got up for the examination. You are good at English and Mathematics.
Sheri: I can sit for English paper without much preparation. I may also do well enough in Mathematics to pass. But my weak point is Persian. I wish, too, there were no Histories.
Saeed: I like History especially the History of Indo-pak. I hate Mathematics.
Sheri: Tastes differ. I somehow can't help feeling against the rulers. They did nothing else but fight with one another. They left us the stories of their defeats and victories to cram.
Saeed: But how is that going to help you to pass in History?
Sheri: You are quite right. It isn't. I must make up my mind and start preparing my History and Persian.

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