Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dialogue Between Two Collegiates after a Prize Distribution for Staging a Play

Haseeb: It was quite a good display, much better than i had expected it to be.
Hamza: We, always have a fine display on Prize Distribution Day. For years now we have put on a short play, given away handsome prizes and listened to be chairman's speech.
Haseeb: Little good that is to fellows like me who get no prizes. The poor chaps who fail find no fun in all this.
Hamza: You are right, i remember once i could not get through the first year. The jolly play they acted that year seemed no fun to me.
Haseeb:  But tell me, why doesn't our college act English plays as some Lahore colleges do?
Hamza: Don't you remember what our English teacher said the other day? It is so difficult to get into the proper spirit of English life and feelings.
Haseeb: Right. The English plays would fall flat without good actors. The acting today was pretty good. But even better than that, I liked the chairman's speech.
Hamza: I did not think there was anything very usual in what he said.
Haseeb: Not at all; but i loved to see him, bobbing his bald head up and down as he spoke.

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