Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dialogue Between two Students on Spending a Holiday

Sajid: Hello, Khalid how do you do, boy? you seem to be dull what's the matter?
Khalid: Thank you! I am quite well, i was just thinking of spending the holiday which we have tomorrow. Don't you know tomorrow is a holiday, chap?
Sajid: i do, but don't think it to be a cause of dullness. A packet of cards and four-friends and we have a happy holiday.
Khalid: No, no. I don't want to be closed up in the room. Adventure, gentleman, adventure.
Sajid: Then let us enjoy a shooting trip to the forest nearby. I think you've no objection to it.
Khalid: Exellent idea! no objection at all! what do you say of having a few more friends with us?
Sajid: Why not! Company will add charm to our expedition.
Khalid: Then ask Hasan and Sharjeel to come early in the morning.
Sajid: All right. You have your air gun and i have mine. Should Hasan and Sharjeel bring any? They don't have there own.
Khalid: Two will suffice. But what about lunch! I dont intend to come back before evening.
Sajid: Before lunch, i am sure we will be able to shoot down a lot of birds. Other things we must take with and enjoy the roasted birds there.
Khalid: A good idea. Agreed.
Sajid: Then, be ready early in the morning. I will come with Hasan and Sharjeel. Today, I will be able to arrange for all things.
Khalid: Certainly! We shall have a good time.

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