Thursday, November 29, 2012

Funny Dialogue between Doctor and Patient Hindi

Patient: Good morning, Doctor.
Doctor: Good morning, Sir. What is the matter with you?
Patient: I have a very bad headache and frequent giddiness and sometimes i feel pain in my chest.
Doctor: How long have you been indisposed.
Patient:  For about three aur four months.
Doctor: Show me your tongue please.
Patient: Is it a little coated.
Doctor: Are you constipated?
Patient: A little.
Doctor:  Let me feel your pulse. Do you sleep well?
Patient: No, my sleep is very restless
Doctor: Please, unfasten your dress. I will sound your chest. Where do you feel pain? Does it hinder your breathing?
Patient: Here, yes, sometimes.
Doctor: Have you a good appetite.
Patient: No, far the last few months, all food has been distasteful to me, especially meat.
Doctor: You must take great care of yourself or you might become seriously ill. Have plenty of fresh air and physical exercise. In a few days, you will find your appetite returning. Your fatness will disappear. Moreover you will take the tablets i will prescribe for you.
Patient: When must I take them and how many at a time?
Doctor: For this first week, six a day, three in the morning and three in the evening.

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