Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dialogue between two Captains of Hockey Teams, at the end of match

Saeed: Congratulations old fellow! That was a fine game.
Umar: You all played splendidly. It was quite an uphill game for us. Your passing was excellent. In that matter, our chaps ought to take a lesson from you.
Saeed: Your boys played a very cool game.
Umar: May be, but the match was very exciting all the same. You scored the first goal and that put our players into action. They attempted to equal the score, but you defended well.
Saeed: That's what i thought.
Umar: And just fancy, the excitement of the people when we also scored a goal. A good deal of credit is due to Zulfi and Bashir, They moved and earth for the sake of their team.
Saeed: Feeling was very tense when you scored the second goal against us. Only a few minutes were left.
Umar: Yes, the ball was followed with great excitement, but Bashir carried it on and on. A sigh of relief went up when the ball got into the poles. We had won. Oh! how our hearts were thumping!
Saeed: We will have a return match next Sunday.
Saeed: We willingly. So long as every one tries to do his best, matters little who wins. It is the game, not the score that counts.

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