Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dialogue between two friend on City life and Village life

Imran: Good morning, Shahid! Tou are still in the city. I thought you had gone to the village.
Shahid: Well, i had a miond to go, but then i thought i would have to leave all the comforts of the city; I changed my mind. A village is a dull place.
Imran: A village ___ a dull place? What do you say?
Shahid: Yes, i am right, what is a village? A dirty out of the wat place. No comfort of life. Human beings and animals live together is the same huts, drink together at the same dirty pond. Ignorance is a blessing there.
Imran: You are exaggerating, dear friend. Our villages are backward, no doubt, but not as you suppose. All the villages are not dirty, i assure you. There are sanitary arrangements; there are wells of fresh; clear cool water. There are schools also. What do your cities boast of.
Shahid: In cities we have more facilities than in the villages. We live in better houses. We have better means of communications. We travel faster and in comfort. We have many entertainments and recreations. Life in cities is interesting and rich.
Imran: Again you are superficial in your opinions. In cities you have crowded houses, dirty and impure air, dirty slums and stinking drains. There is no companionship, no love, no sympathy in the city people. You have cinemas, true, but are they not centers of corruption and depravity? On the other hand, life in a village is joyful and pleasureable, simplicity and sincerity of the people ___ all the charms of village. I wish you had been ta a village.
Shahid: At some other time i would like to go to your village and see whether villages are worth visiting.

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