Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dialogue between two Friends about Football Match

Zafar: Where are you come from?
Arshad: From the Company Garden. We had a good football match there.
Zafar: Between which teams?
Arshad: The Ghazi Club and the Shuja Sports Clubs. It was the final match of the tournament.
Zafar: It must have been an interesting game. Who won?
Arshad: Oh! Certainly the game was worth-seeing. Shuja Sports Club won: they are a better team.
Zafar: But the Ghazi Club defeated the Government College last week and they were very hopeful. I saw their play: It was not bad.
Arshad: No, they were quite a good match for the Shuja Sports Club, but they lacked combination, and two of their players who are known as "Football Stars" were not in good form.
Zafar: But how many goals did they lose?
Arshad: They score was 3-2. The game was extremely exciting in the second half, when the Ghazi Club tried their best to equalize.
Zafar: I hope every thing passed of peacefully.
Arshad: Yes. At one time, it appeared that there would be a fracas. Two players pushed each others, and exchanged blows, but they were soon parted, and the Referee turned out both. There was excitement among the spectators, but the action of the Referee pacified them and the match ended without any unpleasant occurrence.
Zafar: I am sorry i did not know that the match was coming off today, otherwise I would have gladly gone there.
Arshad: Don't miss the final. It is coming off next Monday, between the Shuja Sports Club and the Government College. It promises to be a very interesting game. Both the teams are veru strong.

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