Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dialogue between two Student about Co-Education

Saleem: Have you heared Sajjad that Arshad has been fined for molesting a girl?
Sajjad: Strange, very strange! Arshad is a saint type of boy. How could it be possible.
Saleem: It is not the fault of Arshad.
Sajjad: Why, them do you think it is the fault of the girl?
Saleem: The fault of neither. It is the result of co-education system.
Sajjad: On the contrary, I think that co-education is good for many reasons. The boys and girls have the opportunity to unnderstand each other.
Saleem: Pooh! rather we should say, they have more chances of being morally corrupt.
Sajjad: Be liberal, dear friend! The system of co-education is new in our country. When we start something, we should expect such such difficulties. Be the boys and girls used to it, and all will be smooth sailing.
Saleem: But don't forget Islam is against the free mixing of boys and girls.
Sajjad: But Islam is never against the education of girls. Under the existing circumstances it is very difficult to set up separate colleges for girls. The only solution is co-education.
Saleem: But this harms the studies of the boys and the girls.
Sajjad: I differ with you. In co-education, a healthy spirit of competition is developed. Each sex works more and more to get the better of the other.
Saleem: But i don't like educated women. They are not fit for home-life. They spend more time in reading than in household affairs. If there are no separate colleges they may not be taught.
Sajjad: That is no argument. The same can be said to men.

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