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English Essay On Social Evils, Social Issues, Social Injustice

Social Evils:
1: Introduction
2: Lust for wealth and gross materialism
3: Adulteration, bribery, black-marketing are symptoms, and causes
4: Jobbery, nepotism and bording
5: Ethics, sectarian, religions and linguistics diversities
6: No area free of social evils
7: Failure of law enforcement agencies
8: How to check them
9: Conclusion

 If the people living in a society long to have huge amount of wealth and poulence and determine to a mass money by fair or unfair means, society will fall a prey to social evils. Quite regretfully, our country has contracted all the social evils which are underming the cemented foundations of the country. Lust for wealth and the desire to make easy money are the two basic factors particularly responsible for the flourish of social evils. A gross materialistic urge coupled with insatiable pride, gives an edge to such evils as adulteration bribery, black-marketing and smuggling. Its by produced are ostentations living, lavish spending and a pathetic distortion of traditional decensies. If social evils are to be eradicated, these tendencies must be curbed.
 It should, however, be borne in mind that most of the social evils are merely the symptoms and not the causes of the discases that is corroding our society. If we want to eradicate these evils, we must lay stress less on the symphonious and more on the causes. If we confine overselves to the symptoms alone, we will, at the most, be applying a cosmetic treatment. It's useless to prescribe palliatives when a surgical operation is called for detterent punishment for hoarders, black marketers and adulterators is also very fine but it works in a small scale and its impact is superficial and transient. It merely touches the tip of the ice berg. For a more lasting solution we must strick at the roots of evils and re-arrange our life, priorities quite measurebly.
 Nepotism and jobbery have been at the apex in Pakistan during the last two decades, the government officials can benefit the people of one area without proper right, and can deprive the people of another area of their rightful share. They forgot to follow any rule of business. They do whatever they like without giving due consideration to the rule of justice and fair-play. The illegal appointment of inefficient relatives and friends might lead us to huge destruction, if it is not checked immediately. Apart from bribery, nepotism, jobbery, black-marketing, forgery, swindling, delay in justice, our society today is also plagued with such evils as adulteration, hoarding, gambling, beggary, drug addiction, drug-trafficking, smuggling, dowry system, ostenations and prodical living, ethnicism, and sectarianism.
 Although most of these corrupt practices fall within the purview of law, yet our law enforcing agencies have not been able to control them satistactorily. Bribery and adulteration, in particular, are at the top of this black list and the heathen gods and goddesses of add seem to have acquired a dozen heads and scores of arms. There is hardly any area of juman activity that is free from there vicious embrace. The giver and the taker are both guilty, but the acquistitive impulse has stilled the voice of their conscience nad made them and different to norms ao values and morality.
 Food adulteration is also a colossal crime being committed openly in our society. It has spread its tentacles in a hundred different ways. Foodstuffs are adulterated, petrol and oils adulterated, pharmaccuticals are adulterated. Despite the pressure of anti-corruption police establishments, drug enforcement cells and food inspection agencies, these evils continue to flourish.
 At the end i would like to suggest that the campaign for the eradication of social evils should be accelerated and pursued with greater feel zest, integrity and devotion. The media of mass communication can do much to improve our moral tone. The right kind of television programme can rectify our perspective and expose the black shop. Regeneration of moral values should be our principal aim. The road to salvation lies in acquiring an inner discipline; for this alone can deliver us from the curse of social evils.

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