Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Measure Intelligence Test? Types of Intelligence Test

    Inspite of the fact that there is no precise definition of the term intelligence, efforts have been made to evolve certain tests which may be used to measure the intelligence.  The psychologists have introduced a term called intelligence Quotient. Intelligence quotient relates to mental age divided by chronological age, usually expressed as a multiple of 100. For example, the intelligence quotient of a ten years old child whose mental age equals that of the average fourteen years old is 1.4 or 140. In order to measure the intelligence quotient of a person, he is subjected to a series of tests both verbal and non-verbal. His ability to solve the number of problems within the specified time is then converted into I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient).
Types of Intelligence Test:
    An intelligence test is a collection of problems, arranged in order of increasing difficulty which have to be solved within specified time limits. The idea underlying an intelligence test is that a more intelligent person will be able to solve more problems quickly and correctly, as compared with a less intelligent one. The problems may be  set in the form of words, patterns, pictures or any other material suitable for the purpose. Considered with regard to the materials used in their design, three are two types of intelligence tests, verbal and non verbal.
Verbal Intelligence Test:
   The items in a verbal intelligence test are stated in the language form. The candidate is generally given approximately 60 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. Althought some of the questions are rather long and told number appears to be high, the nevertheless call for generally one word answers and can be easily tackled within the time limit.
Non-Verbal (Matrices) Intelligence Test:
   Non-verbal tests are made up of materials such as patterns, line drawings or pictures. Non verbal intelligence tasts are primarily used to remove the disadvantage of those candidates who many not have sufficient proficiency in the language.

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