Saturday, December 1, 2012

What is Intelligence Explanation of Intelligence Test IQ

What Is Intelligence?
Many psychologists have attempted to define intelligence. Some of the important definitions are given below.
(1)  Intelligence means the ability to abstract, compare, contrast and classify.
(2)  Intelligence means the power of reasoning and adjustment to new situations.
(3)  Intelligence involves doing a lot of miscellaneous things and doing them right.
(4)  Intelligence consists of
      (a) Consciousness of the ends to be attained.
      (b) The trails of possible means to end.
      (c) Auto-criticism of the trails made.
(5)  Intelligence means responsiveness to relationship. It deals with the person's internal relations and the manner in which he is able to adjust himself.
(6)  Intelligence is concerned with innate ability to solve problems and the ability to adjust to new situations.
(7)  Intelligence means the ability to acquire knowledge and understand things.
(8)  According to the Random House dictionary of the English language, intelligence means the capacity for reasoning. Understanding and for similar forms of mental activity.

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