Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dangerous Diseases Dengue Fever Bird Flu Essay Congo Virus

Disease is man's greatest enemy. It overpowers him when he is weak, undernourished (without eating necessary food) and open to attacks of germs and viruses. In recent times, we have seen the spread of fatal or deadly diseases like gastro-eenteritis (a serious stomach disease), the fever caused by the Congo virus, bird flu and dengue fever (caused by mosquito bite). The present essay explores the causes and remedies of the health situation in the country.

The first cause of the spread of dangerous diseases its overpopulation. In most of the towns and cities, big families live in small dirty houses. The rooms cannot have proper ventilation or circulation of fresh air. Any member of the family bringing in disease germs provides the germs chances to  multiply in dirty surroundings. Smaller families, bigger rooms and houses, and clean surroundings do not allow disease germs to develop and grow dangerously. The fumigation )killing of germs by smoke or fumes) of crowded places is called for (required) in our circumstances.

The second cause of the spread of disease is bodily weakness. When a person is weak, he does not have enough resistance to disease germs. When we eat unbalanced food, without enough vitamins, we grow weaker. When we drink impure or dirty water, our body accepts disease germs easily. It is necessary to eat fruit and vegetables and drink pure, fresh water and milk to avoid falling ill.

The existence of potable (safe-to-drink) water facilities for the whole population is very important. The diseases of the stomach, like dysentery, are mostly caused by contaminated (dirty or impure) water. There is urgent need to provide clean water from tube-wells through rust-free pipes in the cities. aian the village areas, the wells should be periodically cleaned and canal or river water should be treated (cleaned) in chemical plants before delovery. The government should provide clean water everywhere through pipes or in bottles. Trading in expensive bottled water by private companies should be banned.

It is the government's duty to provide the most modern healthfacilities to the common people. The hospital should have the latest injections and vaccines for dangerous diseases like hepatitis B and C, cholera and fevers of different kinds. The treatment of seriously ill patients should be free with beds and the best medicines.

A clean pollution-free atmosphere will go a long way towards checking the spread of diseases. Connections have been found between the development of cancer and the intake (breathing in) of toxic (poisonous) gases and smoke (fumes). The smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs adds to the atmospheric pollution caused by machines, vehicles and fires. The pollution through smoking, together with the enveloping atmospheric pollution, should be eliminated (got rid of) for which stirct laws and effective administrative action are required.

We can have a clean pollution and disease-free society when the people are mostly educated and  cultured. Then they will naturally like to have smaller families, clean houses and healthy environment. They will easily learn the ways of avoiding dangerous diseases, and of curing them if at all they catch them.  All this will be possible by turning the present plutocracy (government by the wealthy) into a democratic social welfare state.

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