Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dialogue between Father and Son about Career, studies, future plans, profession

Younus: Father, you eill be pleased to know that i got first division in the Matriculation.
Father: Congratulations! Your efforts brought fruit. God always helps those who help themselves.
Younus: I think, father, it was due to your guidance and encouragement.
Father: Well, now what do you propose to do next?
Younus: I shall continue my studies. Shan't 1?
Father: Certainly, you must. But i mean which of the professions you would like to adopt?
Younus: I don't know what course will suit me best. I leave it to you to select one for me.
Father: It's not an easy job to decide on a course. One has to see many things, we have to see the interest you take in some subject; the scope of the profession in certain society; and the thing how much you can serve others.
Younus: I have no special dislike for any of the subject, but my inclination is to science. I have an idea to do something for the common man. And i feel i can serve them being a doctor.
Father: That you can do best by being a teacher. Have you considered this line?
Younus: Yes, but that is not paying. Moreover, i feel, i cannot be a good teacher and you know, it is only a good teacher who can serve society in a better way.
Father: If you think of a more paying profession, you can adopt non-medical and be an Engineer.
Younus: Quite so: i believe i can do fairly well in that branch, but then i can't serva a common man. A doctor enjoys more honour, respect and love than an engineer. When you cure a man of some affliciting disease, you feel a spiritual delight. Don't you?
Father: You are right. Don't do anything which is likely to go against your disposition. I feel proud to learn that my son desires to serve human beings. Whatever profession you adopt, be honest and dutiful.
Younus: Thank you, father. I will follow your valuable advice.
Father: I wish you success in life.

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