Sunday, February 3, 2013

Essay On Hobbies or Pastimes, Habits, Free Time

Hobbies Or Pastimes
1: The introduction: We pass our free time in different ways.
2: Hobbies may become habits.
3: Proper and improper hobbies.
4: The importance or value of hobbies - the benefits of hobbies.
5: The conclusion: We should try to have some fine hobbies.
The people in society have different hobbies or pastimes to enjoy themselves in their leisure ?(free) time.
Some people, for example, like to play games, some like to go for a walk, some like to watch films, and so on.
Proper hobbies or pastimes can help us to improve the body and the mind. For the improvement of the body and health, we may have the hobbies of playing gamesoutside on playgrounds. We can also have the hobbies of swimming, running, walking over long distances, and so on. Morning and evening walks every day give a lot of exercise to the body. Gardening keeps us in contact with nature and fresh air and makes us active.

For the improvement of the mind, we can have hobbies like reading beneficial and useful books, visiting historical places, watching films, which increase (add to) our knowledge of the science and the arts. The hobby of reading books on the sciences, history and general knowledge is of much use. So in the hobby of reading newspapers every day, which is of great benefit.

Some harmful hobbies are playing cards ffor a long time, watching all manner of films very often, Listening to offensive films songs, reading harmful books, and so on. We enjoy these hobbies while sitting and cannot take exercise. Low quality films and writings harm our thinking and character.

No doubt, hobbies help us to pass our free time happily (without being bored) and make us forget all our trobles, worries and problems. Some hobbies increase our knowledge as well as entertain us. For example, by writing letters to friends in other cities or foreign countries, we learn about other nnations and places. We feel happy while informing others about our city, village or country. Stamp collecting is another such hobby. Through it we come to know about different countries and cultures and enjoy exchanging stamps. Hobbies make life charming and add to our happiness. They bring us new friends and make us social.

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