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A To C English Phrasal Verbs With Meanings And Sentences in Urdu

Phrasal Verbs A-C
  • Account For (give a good reason for, explain well) - (sabab batana, wajah bayan karna)
You should now account for your failure in the examination.
  • Act For (act on behalf of) - (kisi ki jagah kaam karna)
When our President is out of the country, the Chairman of the Senate acts for him.
  • Act On or Upon (act in accordance with) - (par amal karna)
Please act upon my suggestion if you want to succeed.
  • Allow For (take into consideration) - (madnazar rakhna)
You should allow for his illness before asking him to return your loan at once.
  • Allow Of (admit of) - (ijazat dena)
Our social situation does not allow of the continuity of dowry (jahez) in the present form.
  • Answer (someone) back (reply disrespectfully or rudely) - (sakht jawab dena)
It is not proper to answer back your mother when she says something in anger.
  • Answer (someone) in (intive someone to come into the house) - (kisi ko ghar ke andar anay ki dawat dena)
When i go to their house they do not ask me in.
  • Answer (someone) out (invite someone to some entertainment of food outside) - (kisi ko bahir khane ya tafreh wagera ki dawat dena.
So many times i ask him our, and he always enjoys the time with me.
  • Ask For (request or demand) - (koi cheez mangna, kisi cheez ka sawal karna)
I am sending you the money you have asked for. You may ask for anything any time, and i will provide it.
  • Back Away (To stop or move back slowly from some danger, etc) - (kisi khatra wagera ko dekh kar ruk jana ya ahishtgi se wapas ho jana)
I backed away and climbed the tree when the mad dog started walking towards me.
  • Back Down or Back Down On (take back a demand, an opinion, etc.; accept defeat) - (Peechay hat jana, haar maan lena)
The teachers did not back down over higher pay scales. Do not back down on your stand now.
  • Back Out (fail to fulfil a promise) - (wada nibhane mein nakam hona)
India promised to the UN to hold free elections in Kashmir, but later she backed out.
  • Be For (be in favour with) - (himayat karna ya hamayat mein hona)
They are for two holidays in a week. She is aal for going to the hills during the vacation.
  • Bear Away (win) - (jeetna, hasil karna)
He tried his best to bear away the highest award.
  • Bear Down (overthrow, crush) - (zair karna)
Mahmood of Ghazni was able to bear down all his enemies in Afghanistan and India.
  • Blow Up (destroy by explosion, explode) - (dhamakay se phat jana ya dhamakay se ura dena.
The experts will blow up the mountain standing in the way of the new road. A fighter plane blew up in the air this morning.
  • Call For (demand) - (taqaza karna, talab karna)
The officer will call for a written explanation of his absence from duty.
  • Carry Away (cause to lose self-control) - (ru mein beh jana)
Never let your anger carryyou away. She was carried away by her desire for the beautiful clothes.
  • Carry On (continue) - (jari rakhna)
We will carry on our work even in the greatestdangers. Let us carry on with our enjoyments to forget all worries.
  • Close With (accept an offer) - (paishkash qabool karna)
It will be good if we close with their offer of the pay.

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