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Cushion Making Ideas Cushions Covers Sewing Techniques

Cushion Making Ideas: Even when you don't make your cushion covers from scratch, there are lots of ways you can stamp your personality on ready-made ones. One way id to find some interesting trimming. A simple idea is to sew a length of fat cord, matching or contrasting, around the outside. Alternatively, attach large tassels to each corner for a dramatic look, or scatter multi-coloured small tassels over the surface. You could sew mattress-style tufts on the surface, or, alternatively, stitch straight or curved fringe around the edges of a cover. Wide silk, velvet, or grosgrain ribbon looks pretty layered in slightly overlapping rows, or use braid, curvy gimp, or a tasselled fringe perhaps in a design with gold for a more opulent look. Another idea is to hand sew dainty old lace doilies or handkerchiefs onto small cushions, and tray cloths or antimacassars onto larger ones.
 Cushion Designs 2014
To give old cushions a completely new look, make covers that simply tie on, involving only the most rudimentary needlework. You can do this in two ways. The first is by cutting two pieces of fabric slightly larger than your pad, hemming both of them, then tying them together with strips of fabric stitched to each corner and halfway along each side - or use lengths of cord or ribbon.
Pakistani Ribbon Embroidered Cushions Design
If you are a little more ambitious, you could cut your squares slightly larger, and sew buttonholes along the edges of one and buttons on the other. The second type of tie-on cover is most suitable for square cushions.

To make it, cut a square of fabric with sides twice as long as those of your cushion (plus hem allowance). Hem it, then attach ties to each corner. Lay this square flat, hems uppermost, and place your cushion on top so that each corner points to the mid-point of one of the square's sides. Now fold over the corners and tie them together, envelops style.

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